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Dear reader, thanks for visiting BriacEdition.

If you have come all the way to the last section of this website, you're probably looking for answers. Specially to the following questions:


Oh god why

The start of BriacEdition coincided with the start of my professional life. At the time, I had already created some of videos and had hand-drawn a few games, and I had clearly enjoyed that. Surprisingly enough, I was even a bit proud of these things.

Me as a Zombie

So on the eve of my professional life, my biggest fear was that I would no longer have the creativity to do these things, and that I was slowly going to become a zombie.

I therefore decided to launch a creative project. This project would be part drawings and part blogging. I called it BriacEdition, as I was very admiring of my friend Joel who had created his own JoelEdition.


I started drawings spin-offs from JoelEdition's character Boulz, on paper, computerised with a scanner. Then 3 Things Happened That Changed My Life Forever, You Won't Believe Your Eyes:

A bit of products placement

The combination of these three things gave a more professional look to my drawings and board games, which encouraged me to continue. Every comics I drew would be published on BriacEdition. All this on a 13-inch Toshiba and an A5 tablet, and mostly wearing a green and white Ralph Lauren shirt as evident on the autoportrait pictured here.

So, what is this all about?

Basically, BriacEdition is a random and fluffy world with many characters and many possible interpretations. Almost nothing here is serious, and it felt weird calling the artwork section "Artwork". Pretty much all of this is for fun.

Rabbits are a primary source of inspiration, it seems.

Where does that come from?

My brothers and Joel are my primary source of inspiration.

Also check out the following sources:

To show but a few BriacEdition characters!